About JETCAM Reseller Network

The JETCAM Reseller network is a programme specifically set up to assist companies that wish to resell JETCAM products. It offers you access to a number of internal resources, such as technical and marketing support, together with sales and training aids.

This website is your immediate access point to many of these resources and is constantly being updated, so be sure to visit frequently.

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To illustrate why the opportunity to sell/distribute JETCAM systems is such a good business proposition, we have listed some of the main characteristics:

  • JETCAM Expert systems are machine independent: allows you to approach any company regardless of the machine tools they employ (be it a punch, laser, plasma, waterjet. If you are a machine tool reseller, this is a sales argument for you as well: in addition to the machine tool you're selling the customer can program his existing machines and easily exchange programs.
  • Easy to learn: after only two days of training the customer is able to use the JETCAM Expert system and is productive. You may wish to follow up the training with an additional day after a month. But that is ALL. Most competing systems demand at least 5 days training for even the basic CAM systems.
  • Easy after-sales service: once installed and configured, JETCAM Expert systems don't demand any support. The built-in manual, help-functions and video-help ensure that your staff do not have to spend hours and days on after- sales support.
  • Updates are supplied via Internet (download wizard): you don't need to go on-site to install an update, the customer can do this himself provided he has access to the Internet. Updates are installed by three clicks on the screen, so ANYONE can do it!
  • Local language support: JETCAM Expert systems are available in a number of different languages allowing the customer to work in HIS/HER language which reduces the demand on your support personnel
  • JETCAM already has an excellent reputation in the 2D cutting market, built up over more than 20 years. Because of its' already wide acceptance in the sheet metal market you are able to offer a product that is well-known and well-respected, not a "new-comer". This will help your credibility and acceptance in your market and ensures that in every sales situation you get to the "top-3" without any trouble.
  • JETCAM has more than 4,500 users in more than 60 different countries. Often major groups use JETCAM somewhere in their organisation which helps you to target the local company belonging to that group.
  • JETCAM supports almost every make and configuration of machine tool so in almost every case you will be able to supply the customer with ready-made software. This increases the speed of implementation and the customer satisfaction, which in turn ensures that your invoices will be paid on time.
  • JETCAM provides strong Marketing and Sales support. This can consist of materials such as standard demonstrations, product brochures and datasheets, materials for exhibitions, case studies etc. Most of this support involves our Internet operations allowing you immediate response and quick access to any information you may need.
  • JETCAM has a policy of continuous software development. This means that the products you're offering are always 'state of the art' and compare well to any system on the market. As a rule, JETCAM systems are much more automated than other competing systems which is a great benefit to your customers
  • Margins and conditions are such that every reseller is able to make good money on JETCAM sales. And because of the low support requirements you are not losing your margins to days of 'fire-fighting' after the initial sale.
  • JETCAM provides the back-up of an experienced technical, sales and marketing team. Using the latest communication means, JETCAM is always in a position to help you, the reseller, to gain orders and provide service to your customers.
  • JETCAM offers complete and modular solutions for companies using all flat bed cutting technologies. We have software for simple punching or cutting machines, complex and combined machines, handling equipment, nesting modules and DNC connections. You will be able to offer 'turn-key' solutions to your customer. The level of automation and integration we offer allows for complete unmanned generation of highly optimised nests and NC code.

Want to become a JETCAM Reseller? Click here.

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