Cost-effective material location and life tracking for rolls and kits

  • Composites Material types batches and stock tracking

    Material types, batches and stock.

    As rolls move in and out of the freezer staff can instantly see their current location and defrost status. Instantly view or export a complete history log of a given roll or batch, or view associated documents of any format such as material specs or quality documents.

  • Transferring materials and kits

    Transferring materials and kits

    The transfers screen is designed to give the user only the information they need, and is also suitable for touch screens. The large, clear screen layout let’s you quickly scan barcodes to transfer rolls or kits to different locations.

  • Full composite material kit location and life information

    Full material kit location and life information

    Once plies are cut you can quickly create a kit in CrossTrack, linking all rolls used and also linking any relevant external documents such as digital plybooks or quality documentation. Traceability reports can then show every transaction against each kit and any roll of material associated with it.

Material roll and kit life tracking

CrossTrack MLM Lite provides a simple, easy-to-use and proven way to keep track of what material you have, its location and, most importantly, its remaining life. As material is cut and is kitted you can continue to track the life of the kit through layup and right onto the autoclave.

Built using the same robust platform and design as the award-winning CrossTrack Composite Manufacturing suite, MLM Lite offers a full upgrade path in the future should you decide to expand its functionality. You can use either barcodes or RFID tags to easily track material or kits as they move around your facility.

Cost-effective, simple, with reporting

Taking advantage of Microsoft’s free SQL Server Express database platform, CrossTrack MLM Lite offers a cost-effective entry point, is easy to install, learn and use.

As all of your data is held in an industry-standard database it’s easy to get relevant data out. CrossTrack MLM Lite ships with a series of standard reports, but the in-built reporting engine allows you to quickly generate data that is meaningful to your business.

Key Features

  • Installation, training and live within a day
  • Uses free Microsoft SQL Server Express database platform
  • Upgradable to the full CrossTrack Suite
  • Custom data fields for materials and kits
  • Simple barcode scanning interface
  • Touch screen friendly design
  • Support for both barcodes and RFID tags
  • Define unlimited material types
  • Quickly add entire batches of delivered material
  • See all stock with real-time countdown of remaining life
  • Powerful filtering to see just the information you need
  • Standard reports and built-in report generator
  • Customizable interface to show/hide columns as needed

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